My Remains Became Antiques
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  • Described as the very first letter written in English by French emperor on St. Helena, after he was defeated and exiled to the British island to live under military guard, this rare letter is expected to fetch a handsome price of $100,000 in the auction


    The remarkable, small wooden chair on which the most celebrated military leaders in history of West is said to have rested on in year 1815 at Courcelles in Belgium, 22 miles from the battlefield was expected to fetch a price of $18,540.

    In June 2010, a lock of hair cut from Napoleon’s head the day after he died in May 1821 went for $15,500 and a lithograph and watercolor image of Napoleon soon after his death got auctioned for 12,880.

    Also, Napoleon’s upper right permanent canine tooth believed to have been extracted from his mouth in year 1817, was sold for $13,590 in an auction held in Wiltshire in November 2005, and is the one of the weirdest celebrity memorabilia to go on auction.

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