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  • Anthony drew heavy criticism for the Knicks’ early-season struggles this year, and he was disparaged even more when the team played well without him under the rise of Linsanity. But since Lin went down with a season-ending knee injury and Amar’e Stoudemire became sidelined due to a bulging disk, Melo has played his most efficient basketball. Over the last 12 games in Stoudemire’s absence, Anthony’s averaged 31.7 points per game on better than 50 percent shooting—he only shoots 39 percent when sharing the floor with Stoudemire. He’s also shooting eight percent higher from beyond the arc when Stoudemire’s off the floor. On Sunday, Anthony scored 42 points against the Miami Heat and followed it up with his second-career triple-double (35 points, 12 rebounds and 10 assists) on Tuesday against the Celtics. With his recent explosion, could Stoudemire’s potential return—he may be reinserted into the lineup as soon as Friday—hinder the Knicks’ and ultimately Melo’s success?

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