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    Lindsey Wixson
    “I love Lindsey Wixson so much so that I put her on the last cover of the magazine (shot by Terry Richardson). This was the first story I did with her, over a year ago, in the destroyed upstairs room of Le Montana in Paris, that is going to be renovated.”

    Jacques Vettier
    “This is a picture of the great Australian model, Sophie Willing, naked at my dentist’s office in Paris. His name is Jacques Vettier, and he was the dentist and friend of Helmut Newton, who did a portrait of him in the same room.”

    “This is Paris’ best stylist and Purple fashion editor, Camille Bidault Waddington in a classic Parisian staircase from the ’30s.”

    Stefano Pilati
    “My friend, the Italian art director of YSL, shot outside of the Purple office in Paris. This was a story showcasing his unique personal style.”

    Rita Ackerman
    “I met Rita Ackermann almost 15 years ago when she just arrived to New York from Hungary, before she became the downtown NY icon.”

    “Natalie White is one of my favorite girls to shoot, as she has no fear of being both glamorous, naked, and totally natural. This was shot outside of the Purple magazine office in Paris, that I did for a Mason Martin Margiela story.”

    Betty Catroux
    “I was extremely excited to be able to shoot Yves Saint Laurent‘s muse, Betty Catroux, in a friends apartment in Paris.”

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