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  • New York based artist Judith Braun creates wonderful paintings using her fingers & charcoal instead of paint paintbrushes.

    Finger Art

    Fingertip Paintings

    Finger Painting

    Fingerprint Painting by Judith Braun

    Fingertip Painting

    Fingerprint Painting

    Finger Drawings by Judith Braun

    Judith ann Braun

    Finger Drawing by Judith Braun

    Finger Painter

    Fingertip Paintings by Judith Braun

    Finger Drawings

    Fingerprint Paintings by Judith Braun

    Judith Braun

    Finger Painting by Judith Braun

    Finger Art by Judith Braun

    Fingerprint Paintings

    Finger Paintings by Judith Braun

    Finger Drawing

    Judith Braun

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