Drake & Dawn Richard & Colin Munroe – Where Were You
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  • Update (Hypetrak): “Where Were You” is a collab between Toronto producers Boi-1da and D10 and Colin Munroe. The track is actually called “Whatever Became of You” and was originally recorded and submitted for Thank Me Later. 1da, Dalton and Colin cooked up the record (along with a few others) at Paramount Studios in Los Angeles a few years back.

    A month or so after the demo was cut, 1da had informed Colin that Drake had recorded something to the track, but was unsure whether it would make final TML sequence. Obviously, it didn’t. But that didn’t diminish other folks excitement for the track. We heard rumors that Lupe had put a verse on it… That Diddy liked the track for the Dirty Money project… Etc.

    Meanwhile, Colin recorded a solo version, keeping his original chorus and penning new verses. The OFFICIAL version of the song (and only version of the song that is in fact OFFICAL), appeared two weeks ago on Colin Munroe’s mixtape #UnsungHero. It’s still called “Whatever Became of You”. It’s was produced by Boi-1da and D10 with additional production by Colin Munroe. 40’s engineer, Noel Cadastre mixed the joint. We’re really glad that it’s part of Colin’s repertoire. It’s a beautiful and haunting track that definitely deserves some shine.

    Colin Munroe‘s Version:

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