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  • I think it is indeed arguable that Matt Kemp is one of (if not the) best players in baseball. In my opinion, Kemp has emerged as the best “position player” in baseball. He shows the all-around game that you want in a franchise player, balancing both his defensive game and explosive bat. There is so much buzz going around the league about Kemp this season. Many people expected most of the attention would be on Angels first-baseman Albert Pujols. Let’s face it- the only thing baseball fans have been hearing this season about Pujols is how bad he is struggling. Kemp on the other hand is arguably putting up the best numbers in the game.

    Now, I agree it is debatable as to whether Kemp is the best player in baseball, since there are so many other great players. But he is the best position player in my estimation. Justin Verlander is the best pitcher in baseball hands down. But I find it difficult to say that a pitcher is the best player in baseball.

    Kemp made national headlines in November just two hours after finding out that Ryan Braun won the National League MVP. According to Bob McManaman, writer for The Arizona Republic, Kemp stated that he would attempt to hit at least 50 home runs and steal at least 50 bases in 2012. “I’m going to go 50/50 next year, I’m telling you, you guys have created a monster”, Kemp stated to a group of Los Angeles area reporters during a conference call.

    By the way, in case you didn’t know- the closest any player has come to a 50/50 season was Alex Rodriguez when he played for the Mariners in 1998. That season A-Rod hit 42 home runs and stole 46 bases, falling 4 shy of 50 stolen bases, and 8 home runs shy of 50. Last year, Kemp finished just one home run shy of 40/40, settling for 40 stolen bases and 39 home runs. In the process, Kemp almost became the first NL batter to win the Triple Crown since 1937.

    So far this season, Kemp has an average of. 425, .922 slugging percentage, 11 home runs, and only 2 stolen bases. In my opinion it is safe to say he will more than likely not achieve the 50/50 season he was hoping for. He needs 48 more stolen bases and 39 home runs to capture the first 50/50 season in MLB history. Let’s see if Kemp can make the unbelievable actually happen. In actuality, as long as he comes close to replicating his MVP type season and the Dodgers contend for a playoff berth, L.A. fans will be a happy bunch in 2012.

    Whole article, excluding the video, was written by Dedrick Hendrix

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